Time Allowed: 60 minutes

The AFD airport authority has received complaints from airline operators that they are not satisfied with recent developments. Poor responses have become the order of the day at any time Pilots request for their flights to be attended to, during emergencies. Poor visibility and dry winds are predicted at this airport.

These complaints have reached the table of the regulatory agency (CAA), who in turn has filed a report to all response agencies.

At 1400 hours on a busy Thursday in the month of September, 2012, airline ZULU, operating a B723 series into airport AFD was on final to land when he reported that one of the engines had failed.  There was poor response from all the response units at the airport.  The B723 made an emergency landing and over ran the runway then crashed into a building bursting into flames.

An investigation panel was constituted and revelations or conclusions indicted the airport authority, for no emergency exercises have been conducted in the past four years.  It was also discovered from the investigation that the response personnel have not received training on how to handle emergency effectively.

As a result of these constant complaints and the crash that has taken place at this airport, some major airlines have stopped operating into airport ‘AFD’. This has affected drastically the revenue and profile of the airport.

Mastery Test (MT.3.1)

  • Working in a group of three (3) participants, discuss the case study, and individually develop a brief full-scale emergency exercise for airport ‘AFD’. Follow the outline provided in units 4 and 10 of FEMA document, for necessary guidelines.