Module 2 – Mastery Test

Time allowed: 120 minutes 


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An airport XYZ located 100NM North of city (L) has two runways, with lengths of 3600m and 2800m respectively.  The runways are designated 24L and 24R converging towards 06R and 06L.  3600m runway is the main (primary) runway, while 2800m runway is the secondary one.

The airport has the capacity to handle all types of aircraft operations.

The airport is well equipped with fire fighting capability and personnel are well trained.

The alerting system put in place has been tested and found to have met the required standards.  The control tower frequencies for communication, telephones numbers and all response agencies to be contacted are in place.

The grid map/charts of the airport are well defined, so that any accident reported within the airport can easily be attended to.

A Boeing (737) belonging to airline ZOO was arriving from Accra (DGAA) intended for the primary runway, with 120 passengers on-board the aircraft.  The Pilots at-30NM from airport XYZ reported fire on-board with 3 hours fuel endurance remaining.

The Tower immediately alerted response units and all emergency response personnel were put at alert.


However, the aircraft crashed at the middle of the runway while attempting to make an emergency landing.

In a group of three (3) participants, discuss this case study and appoint one trainee to demonstrate (play) the role of an On-Scene commander in an emergency occurrence at airport XYZ. [Hints: Actions of the On-Scene commander will be graded using the provided checklist].