ABC Airport is located in a valley at an elevation of 13,000ft, surrounded by mountains of more than 18,000ft.


The aerodrome has one runway designated 05/23 with a length of 3,000 metres.  Because of the topography, Runway 05 is used exclusively for landings, and runway 23 exclusively for take-offs.  A VOR/DME is used for Instrument let-down approach, located in the valley 15miles west of the aerodrome. ILS approach is not available.

Visual approaches are not allowed once a departing aircraft has been cleared for take-off until cleared of all obstacles reported by departing aircraft.  No take-off is permitted at airport “ABC” until all landings report clear of the runway.  Outside temperature is high between 1200 – 1500 hours, thus, affecting aircraft performance

The only communication equipment available is High frequency (HF) 8903 KHz, no VHF available to effectively communicate.

Telephone contacts and other forms of communication are also problematic.

The Civil Aviation Authority requests that the AEP document will only be launched and approved after all necessary corrections have been made, because of all the existing identified problems.

You received a report that a Boeing (B737) has crashed at the end of runway 05.

Working in a group of four (4) participants, discuss the case study. Individually state briefly how effective communication can be demonstrated using the steps specified in document 9137, chapter 12. (Communication network, Communication equipment and test verification)

Exercise Two (PT.2.1)