Time Allowed: 80 minutes

Full-Scale Exercise Planning

A Boeing (B767) en-route from London Heathrow airport to Lagos airport is experiencing in-flight fire warning on board and need to make an emergency landing at Akure airport, 100NM North of Lagos.


However, last communication with the flight crew indicates that the aircraft is loosing height rapidly to be able to reach destination, and has decided to land somewhere else.


Even though Akure airport which is along the route is too small to handle the aircraft, carrying approximately 300 passengers, that is the only hope for this aircraft.


The weather conditions at Akure airport are dry.  A hot dry wind is blowing from the North.


The runway lies along a relatively populated suburban area.  However, the likelihood of the pilots being able to control the huge plane and stay within the landing space is slim.


The airport control tower alerts its own watch room and advises that the local emergency services be put on stand-by, and mobilize back-up assistance from mutual-fire service, Police, Medical, Search and Rescue service and other mutual aids unit.

The B767 crash landed at the threshold of the runway 05.


Working in a group of four (4) participants, discuss the above case study. Conduct a full-scale exercise of the above scenario, by following the outline provided as a guide. Crash alarm was sounded at 1500 hours.


Full-Scale Exercise Planning